Quaesitus, Latin for “sought out” and also translated as “research”, is an online academic cooperative among those connected with the Pontifical Universities of Rome. It works on the principle of the two-sided niche market: In the Pontifical network there is both a high supply and demand of persons needing and offering specialized academic services best provided by another member of the same milieu, things such as language services, research assistance for reference checks, native speaker text edits and running bureaucratic papers around town. Think of it as academic “uber” to drive your research forward or to make a little something to survive. The Quaesitus platform is a step towards collaboration, recognition and just remuneration, serving both sides of a need.

Quaesitus co-founders Allison Beaty, Sara Boehk, Marie Nuar and Rebecca Pawloski have a combined total of about 40 years experience in the Pontifical milieu in Rome. We know the drill—you need an English translation of your abstract NOW. Well let’s put that request on Quaesitus and connect you with the experts.

Think of this site as the inter-pontificia “bacheca”. We patrol this site. Accounts made which give no evidence of a Pontifical connection will be canceled after one google.